Would You Wear A Pair of “Jelly Shoes?”

Jelly shoes? When I first saw this term I thought about the shoes I saw ladies wear when I was a teenager in the 80’s. What I came upon when I did a little research was some very interesting styles which take the original 80s styles to another level. With some of the big names in fashion throwing their hat into the jelly shoe ring I can actually see some jelly shoes becoming more popular than some of the Crocs and Toms styles.

jelly shoes


As you can see from the photo above jelly shoes will probably not replace your Jimmy Choo or Micheal Kors shoes. Though I think these shoes have a chance of becoming popular again for the Spring and Summer I have to talk about some of the problems with them that many ladies and some men experienced back in the 80’s. If these problems are not solved this trend will be short lived.

Jelly Shoes the Good

  1. Low cost
  2. Comfortable
  3. Lots of colors
  4. Lots of styles

Jelly Shoes the Not So Good

  1. The plastic sticks to your feet
  2. The plastic can make your feet really sweat
  3. The buckle fails
  4. The plastic in other parts of the shoe will fail

What makes the not so good parts of jelly shoes a problem is it can happen on the very first time you wear them. If you are lucky and get past the faults then you have the chance of having a good pair of casual shoes for the beach, swimming pool, or just lounging around.

What is cool about these next generation jelly shoes is they come in some really cool styles. I would have never thought I would see anything more than ballerina flats, but to see wedge, and clog heel shoes if pretty cool. I think I would wear a pair of “jellies” if they came in a penny loafer style. Hmmmm, I may have to start looking at the men’s styles to see what I can find.

  • http://www.24plusstyle.com Angela C.

    I live for jellies! I must say I over do it when it comes to this style, but they are everything to me. My first pair if high heels were sneaker wedges with a jelly style heel! Love them when everyone else hates them and I can’t wait for some warm weather.

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