Why A Good Diet SHOULD Replace Going On A Diet

“Arena Pharmaceuticals(US:arna) has finally received U.S. regulatory approval for its diet pill lorcaserin, also known as Belviq.” – Source

Instead of looking for another pill and going on yet another diet program the average person can lose weight the natural way by simply controlling there diet a.k.a. the type of food you eat. It seems like the beginning of the Summer is the perfect time for another diet pill to hit the market.  The latest as you read is Belviq. A pill that is supposed to help you lose up to 10 pounds in a year and has the side effects of headaches and who knows what else.

I am not a doctor but I feel I can speak on this based on a recent mission trip to Cote de Fer, Haiti in which for six days in the blistering heat and mosquito’s eating me up I was re-introduced to eating a high protein diet.  Now I am not talking about the diet body builders use, that is another blog for another day.  I am talking about a proper nutritional diet in which you are giving your body what it needs to get you through the day properly.

Eating these foods allowed my body to function with no issue in the heat of Haiti. Not only did I feel great despite the conditions but my bowels were regular with no sign of stomach problems period. The same foods, listed below, prepared in different combinations for breakfast, lunch and dinner not only filled me up but left me completely satisfied.

Changing your diet to incorporate more protein should come from cooking meals using fresh ingredients and eliminating processed foods

High protein foods and there protein content:

  1. Beans –  7 – 22 grams
  2. Long grain rice – 5.2 grams
  3. Plantains – 2 grams
  4. Peanut Butter –  21-28 grams
  5. Boiled Eggs – 6.29 grams
  6. Bananas – 1.48 grams
  7. Assorted fish – 22 – 87 grams
  8. Fresh baked bread – between 7.3 and 8.2 grams
  9. An assortment of fresh fruit 1-5 grams
  10. Fresh squeezed fruit juice – 1.46 g
  11. Chicken – 10 – 36 grams
  12. Goat – 7.5 grams

In a high protein diet vegetable and fruit protein are the foundation of good nutrition.  Animal protein which we in America are known for can still be consumed but should be done in moderation.  By increasing the vegetable protein on your plate not only are you giving your body what it needs to function properly but you can enjoy a wide variety of foods at the same time.  Don’t misunderstand me, I am not saying for anyone to become a vegetarian unless that is your choice.  What I am suggesting is make meat a SIDE item on your plate. By making just the small adjustment of increasing fruits and vegetables in your diet and decreasing meat your body will burn calories more efficiently.

Healthy eating plate

Various research has suggested you need 0.8 to1 gram of protein in your diet per pound to 2.2 pounds of weight.  For me this would mean I need  between 265 and 331 grams of protein per day considering I weigh 265lbs. If we take the suggestion of three meals and two snacks plus drinking plenty of water then I should manage 53 grams of protein per meal (265/5=53). As you can see from the list above that is an easy accomplishment based on an normal diet.  This is just a sample there are literally hundreds of foods that can accomplish the same thing. Regardless in order to make things work the way they are supposed to protein should only account for 10-30% of your total mineral intake for the day.

When you are eating the right combinations of food it will not matter what you eat your body will burn it off. The one word of caution when embarking on a different type of protein regime is eating being careful and not eat too much of the wrong protein. If you are a carnivore and only eat animal protein expect over the long run to have digestive and kidney problems.  Once again if you are eating the proper foods there is no reason to go on a diet.  Eating right and even if you are moderately active like me you will start to lose weight simply because you are eating right and nothing more.

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