Why I Love My Wife’s Plus Size Body & iheartmybody Day

Today I am going to talk about “why I love my wife’s plus size body.” Yesterday was #iheartmybody day.  I was going through Pintrest when I came across a photo by fellow blogger Danimezza in which she talked about some of the issues with loving her body. Most of you already know that I started Full Figure Plus to help my wife find affordable undies.  What most do not know is that I love my wife’s body in every way imaginable.

Enter My Problem

As a man in the world of plus size fashion, I have to make sure every word I write is put in such a way that my words or intentions are not viewed as perverted.  That constant thought is part of the reason I talk about my wife as much as I do in posts as well as using her pictures often as I am going to do in this post. The previous qualifier is to say that I love my wife dearly and love the one part of my wife’s body that most women, including her at times, want to cover up and not have people talk about and that is her stomach.

I used to try to understand it, but I gave that up years ago and just go with the realization that it will never be about what she is wearing because my love for her body comes from the natural form. I would post nude photos of her if the troll men would not come out and be well men and completely miss the art in the nude body.

In the above photo as you can see her belly rolls are showing through the thin lingerie piece, but I see her overall beauty and not just belly fat or thick thighs. Not only do I see exquisite beauty but I see “I am comfortable in the skin I am in.”  Don’t get me wrong it was not always that way for her.  We would discuss the issue of her body image and for years she did not see what I saw.  She thought she was bigger than she was and could not understand how I could be attracted to something she wanted to get rid of. I guess I am just a man.

For most ladies and some men showing off too much skin when your over a certain size is just not done.  I am so happy after twenty years of being together she still does not mind showing off a little skin, in a tasteful manner of course.:)  Allow me to slip into caveman mode for a moment. Why look at porn when I have a plus size beauty like you see in the photos that I am privileged enough to sleep next to every night! *wiping drool*

She may not have the skin, booty, or belly that “they” think she should have, but every time I see her or think about her it brings a smile to my face.  First, because she is my bestest friend of all time and second with a curvy sexy plus size body like she has there are few reasons for me not to have a stupid smile on his face every time I look at her?

#iheartmybody is something you should do daily. I applaud all the ladies that participated yesterday and for the men who also spoke out in the comment section.

  • Twanna

    All I can say is wow, while wiping my tears of joy! Many wives do not get the pleasure of receiving their praise so publicly “just because”. Thank you, Honey!

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