Window Shopping With SWAK Designs

The past few days I have been doing a lot of website hopping and SWAK Designs is always one of the plus size clothing sites I window shop on when it comes to getting ideas for things to buy for my wife. Now don’t get me wrong when I window shop it usually ends up with a purchase pretty quickly, but I must say the new arrivals from SWAK have made my task a bit difficult.

Below are a few of the things that caught my eye.  I think it will be time to save up my pennies to make sure that when I show these items to my wife I won’t be surprised at the number she picks out to buy. What are your thoughts on SWAK Designs? Have you looked at Sara’s Closet or the feature on the fabulous plus model extraordinaire Rosie Mercado? With such a great selection it is hard to make a decision!

If you have not checked out SWAK Designs then your in for a treat.  If you have but have not been on the website in a while like me, then your also in for a treat.

Enchanted Top (Gem Shades)

Evan V-Neck Dress

Rachel Strapless Dress

Zoe Jeggings in Royal Blue

Kara Lace Dress (Vintage)

Kim Dress (Vintage)

Anastasia Edge Interchangeable Wrap Dress

As you can see my selections from SWAK Designs are mostly dresses.  My other half would wear a dress everyday all day if it was left up to her.  She is the plus size woman who likes the feminine look that comes from a dress.  Pants are a sometime option for her.  My opinion is she looks good in pants, but if she likes dresses, who am I to argue.

The prices of SWAK gear is low enough that you can honestly redo your entire wardrobe without spending a lot of money. That brings my window shopping trip to an end.  Time to get my wife’s opinion so we can see what she is going to like and buy.

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