Your $18 Gifts Can Make a World of a Difference

Today it is time to talk about gifts that have nothing to do with fashion or plus sizes, but everything to do with human rights and protecting children. This is a thing that should be talked about everyday of the year, but for now we will talk about it during the holiday season.

Tis the season to give – and to give back!  Here are three must have gifts that give back this holiday season and the companies making a difference in the lives of people around the world!  3Strands Global and Good Work(s) Make a Difference are dedicated to giving back throughout the year – no matter the season!  Shoppers are encouraged to purchase one of these gifts this holiday season that will help bring hope to victims of human trafficking, provide gifts for foster children and and to serve people in general that are in need throughout the year.

3Strands Global – www.3strandsglobal.com

50% of profits from these bracelets which are handmade by young women in Cambodia who have been rescued from a life of sexual slavery is donated to partner organizations like Agape International Missions (AIM) that are working to help rescue, restore & bring hope to these young victims.

A small group from the Apricot Lane Boutique franchise traveled to Cambodia in April of 2012 determined to find a symbolic reference to represent these young women and their country of Cambodia.  The discovery of seeds from the native Sandalwood tree were literally underfoot.  From this litter of dry, colorless pods, the women select a fragile red seed to include in each bracelet they make.  The natural beauty of this glossy, scarlet seed represents the beauty in each of the women who have been freed and empowered with a hope for the future. The three pieces of cord comprising the bracelet symbolize the freedom, love and empowerment these women experience, braided together and not easily broken. A gift from a mission like this is something I totally support.

3Strands Global began by partnering with Agape International Missions (AIM) www.agapewebsite.org to open training centers in Cambodia for girls rescued from sex trafficking and restored through AIM’s proven program. Girls rescued from sex trafficking need well paying, sustainable jobs so they can reintegrate back into their community with honor and dignity. The Agape Training Center (ATC) is a small jewelry and apparel production center unlike any in the world. Instead of the typical 12-hour shift in horrible working conditions, the girls attend the ATC 8 hours a day. During that time, they receive counseling and educational services as well as lunch and medical benefits. Their salaries are 3 – 4 times higher than what the typical garment factory pays. This is a community, built upon respect and compassion for one another and the feeling of a family environment is what surrounds you when you visit the center.

3Strands has received a great response from celebrities who are committed to fighting human trafficking around the world.  Jada Pinkett Smith recently featured the bracelet on her wrist at a Prop 35 event where moms came together to give a voice to the fight against sexual slavery in California.  3Strands bracelets are also in the hands of Jennifer Aniston, Jack Black, Will Ferrell, Tom Cruise, Conan O’Brien, President Clinton and Martin Short who all received the bracelets in the gift bags from the recent 26th Annual American Cinematheque Tribute honoring Ben Stiller.

Customers can purchase a 3Strands bracelet ($18) at www.3StrandsGlobal.com

Good Work(s) Make A Difference – www.goodworksmakeadifference.com

The “season of giving” is here – why not help to make it the season of “Giving Back.”  Good Work(s) Make a Difference introduces the new “Happily Ever After” ring, an exceptional, delicately crafted piece that demands attention. In the spirit of Good Work(s), proceeds from the sale of one ring helps provide one holiday gift for a child living in foster care!  Their signature wrap bracelets ($18) can also be purchased this holiday season.

Los Angeles based Good Work(s) Make a Difference is a socially conscious accessories company created to promote lifestyles of optimism, goodwill, and compassion in order to elevate humanitarianism. By committing 25% of net profits to worthy causes, the brand is devoted to making a positive impact on their surroundings with the goal to inspire individuals, families and communities one step at a time. Help spread random acts of kindness because together, we can do good and doing Good ALWAYS Work(s).

Good Work(s) Make a Difference products start at $18. Customers can purchase their gift at www.goodworksmakeadifference.com.

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